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Slot machine Thunder Reels play casino Bitcoin

Slot games never get old. No matter how long you play, you can still enjoy it the next time you sit in that chair and spin the reel. Slot games have made their way into the digital age and we can now feel the familiar experience right from the living room. Thunder Reels is as classic as it gets. You can gamble in a way that you’ve used to without leaving your home for a moment. For gambling you can also use your favorite crypto currency, bitcoins and get instant wins in a matter of minutes.


Game theme

Thunder Reels is your classic casual gambling and living room fun at the same time. You get to enjoy images of your favorite things on the screen. You can see images of pirates, classic games references, hot dogs, starfishes and many more among the symbols available. Anonymity is a great deal today and thanks to bitcoin we now have the ability to preserve it. Thunder Reels casino is designed with those aspects in mind. This means you can easily bet bitcoin right from the start. Those who enjoy classic slot games may also like Always Hot and Emperor’s China. The most cautious gamblers can play a free game before betting real bitcoins.



Slot gaming rules are still the same. You get 9 pairs of symbols that you have to line up nicely. If you manage to do that your bitcoin balance will be increased. There are also special symbols that do not appear all the time. Among them are bonus, scatter and wild symbols. The bonus symbol gives the ability to play a bonus game, the scatter symbol increases the number of times you can spin the reel again and the wild symbol is a nice substitute for any other regular symbol to complete your current pair.



Thunder Reels bitcoin casino is a great way to multiply your bitcoin assets. You can play your favorite slot games when you’re at home or travelling and at any moment in time. Classic images of your favorite stuff that you see on the screen will make the experience even more pleasant and will also keep you focused throughout the game. If you are not ready to bet, you can try a game demo first. Preserve your privacy and gamble as much as you want using Thunder Reels bitcoin casino.

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