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Play Odysseus casino on Bitcoin

Slot games draw a lot of people because of the uncompromising simplicity that we get to experience playing those games. Not so long ago it was a lot complicated to play a slot game. You had to leave your house, went to a specific place or a city and do your thing in a special building. Fortunately that’s no longer true. Now you can play your favorite slots from the comforts of your home. Another pleasant thing about it is that it is now possible to use your favorite crypto currency to make a bet. At Odysseus casino btc you can do both, play the slots online and use nothing but Bitcoin to bet.


Slots theme

Any slot game is often considered a casual fun that anyone could just pick up and play. To some extent that is a very accurate statement. But Odysseus casino offers a chance to explore the game in many new ways. You have Greek mythology right on the screen. Well-known figures appear as symbols and those symbols will eventually bring the desired reward. Odysseus is a quite unique game but if you like it you can also find enjoyable Fruits of Ra and Thunder Reels from the developer Novomatic games. The free game is also an option if you’re not ready to bet yet.



Slot game is not a poker or blackjack. It is what it is and people love it just for that. The game which is as simple as this obviously does not have any complex rules. You have 9 pairs of symbols. You have to line up the symbols of the same kind to get a winning combination. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough you can get one of those special symbols including the bonus, scatter and the wild ones. The wild symbol will change for any symbol that better matches your current pair, the scatter symbol increases the number of wins and the bonus symbol gives you a chance to try again if you lost.



Odysseus Casino is a different slot gaming experience. You can play your favorite game sitting on a couch at home and also be entertained by the Greek mythology. The slots remained the same but also got better. You can bet using bitcoin and multiply your crypto reward as you progress. Those who are not sure whether it is worth it or not can try a demo game and decide later. Start your Odyssey today and win more bitcoins along the way!

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