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Play Alice in Wonderland slot for real Bitcoins

Online gambling is one the beloved ways for the modern people to spend their free time. You no longer have to leave your home, look for expensive casinos, spend money to travel and waste a lot of time. It is now possible to play your favorite slots while you’re at home, watching a TV show. To do so you just have to visit bitcoin casino web-site, make a few clicks and you will be spinning the reel in no time. The best part is that you can use bitcoin without extra verification procedures and other boring stuff.

Game Theme

It has never been easier to play a slot game. To make things even better the developers have given this game a unique experience of the Rabbit hole. You can feel yourself like Alice in Wonderland as you see your favorite characters from the book. They all appear as images on the screen. The slot experience has not been changed though. You can still play your old favorite slot game and get instant rewards like you would normally do. However your quest will be colorful and full of relate-able imagery. If you like this game you can also try Lucky Pirates and Captain Venture. Both of them were created a with consistent concept in mind.


The rules of the game have not changed. You get 9 pairs of symbols and you have to line them up perfectly in order to get the desired bitcoin reward. Spinning the reel is now much easier and requires no physical effort. All you have to do is click the button and the reward is already one step closer. If luck is your best friend you can get one of the rare symbols that provide special abilities. The wild symbol will be changed to the one that better matches your pair, the scatter symbol increases the number of times you can spin the reel and the bonus symbol gives a chance to play a bonus game. If that does not seem like a valid argument for your you can try a game demo and decide later.


Alice in Wonderland is a great casual slot game. You can view the well-known characters of the Rabbit hole while your bitcoin balance grows. You can rest assured your identity will not be exposed as you will be using bitcoin crypto currency for gambling. It is extremely easy and fun to play Alice in Wonderland slot and you also get a chance to increase your bitcoin balance. Those who are yet to decide may want to try a free game first.

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