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Play Unicorn Magic on cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Today it is relatively easy to gamble if you really want to. All you have to do is open up a laptop and go to a specific web-site. That’s right, there is no need to even walk out of the house, not to mention going to a different city. It’s a lot more easier than it used to be. Unicorn Magic offers the experience like no other. You can invest your bitcoin into the future reward and do that with a cartoonish look and feel to it. The Bitcoin Casino that has it all finally brings the proper slots experience to your living room.


Slots theme

Bitcoin is a relatively young currency. It is also quite peculiar one. It got the title “crypto” because it is completely anonymous (at the least the developers say so) meaning no one can track who they got bitcoins from. This is absolutely perfect for gambling and players who want their identity to remain unknown. At Unicorn Magic you can experience the full potential of the anonymity concept. You only have to send it to specific address to get yourself some balance and you are good to go. Games like Odysseus and Fruits of Ra can also be accessed. The free game is also available if you are not sure about betting real coins.



We all love slot games for the simplicity that comes with them. Everyone can just start spinning and it might be an instant win. That’s what slots are all about. There are some basic rules though. Most of the time you get 9 pairs of symbols that have to be put in one line in order to get a win. In our case those symbols will be replaced with different magic creatures including Unicorns. You get to see how real magical creatures magically deliver coins to your wallet. There might also be some special symbols including bonus, scatter and wild ones. With bonus symbol you get to play an extra game, scatter symbol increases your wins and the wild one changes to the most appropriate symbol in your line.



Unicorn Magic is your ultimate bitcoin casino. If you want to multiply your coins and watch some delightful magic creatures in the process, this game is definitely for you. You can bet as many bitcoins as you want and remain anonymous. This is your favorite slot game wrapped up in a nice colorful package with Unicorns. You can loose yourself in the Unicorn cryptoland at any moment. The game demo is also available for those who want to test how it works first.

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