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Play Island slot online casino Bitcoin

We all like to win stuff. It always feels pretty great to win a prize whether it is a free laptop, used car or a vacation voucher. Online gambling takes that feeling to a whole new level and opens a door for solid prizes. Island slot offers an opportunity to play your favorite slots games with an entourage of a deserted island. Imagine hot sun, palm trees, coconut milk and your favorites slot games all at the same time. The greatest news is that all those stuff are just few clicks away now and it has never been that easy to win. In bitcoin casino you can bet as much bitcoin as you want or play a test game without spending a penny. You can multiply your funds in no time on this island.


Slots theme

At the start Island slot does not differ much from other slot games. What makes it stand out is the gorgeous island aesthetics that it brings. It’s a simple, yet elegant and breathtaking experience. If you’re a heavy slot gamer you’ll be interested to know that the people behind Island slot online casino have also made such fan favorites as Crazy Monkey 2 and Fruit Cocktail 2. You can spend hours playing Island slot online and enjoy island creatures that line up nicely giving your bitcoin balance a great boost.



The rules are pretty simple. Most often you will see 9 regular symbols. If get to line up symbols of the same kind you get a reward. There are also special symbols that do not pop up so often but if you do get them you’re eligible for bonus features. The Bonus symbol lets you play a bonus game, the wild symbol gets you a substitute for any other regular symbol and the scatter symbol increases your wins. If you feel lucky activate additional lines and maximize your chances of getting extra winning combinations. If you are not yet ready to bet your bitcoins you are free try a game demo for some time.



You can gamble at Island slot online casino whenever you wish and spend your time raising your bitcoin balance. The slot game enthusiasts will surely like the images of a lovely tropical island and its versatile fauna. You can also play a free game if you are not ready to bet just yet.

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